Thursday, 17 March 2016

To Holy Week


Time & Place *** Presence & Passage *** Listen & Prayer

Our key focus here continues to be on prayer. Perhaps the most challenging of the these elements of prayer is finding the time. Think of it as an appointment, with a time marked on your calendar. 

The gospel texts for the liturgies are a rich source for prayer. They tell the story of these days. But the story elements give us much to talk about with the Lord in our prayer time. Remember, if we appoint a time He will come. What about all this that is happening - ask for an inner experience as one present. Seek to glimpse within, into the mind and heart of the key figure. Take note of your own inner responses.


Beginning with the liturgy of Palm Sunday, the liturgies of Holy Week and the Easter liturgies transport us into the sacred events in a real way. We transcend the here and now so that now we are there also, there as it happens, joyfully acclaiming, with palm in hand, for all to hear, of belief in Jesus, lord of all.

We hear the many voices that conspire against Jesus, then and now, conspiring to do away him, his gospel, and to disperse into oblivion all who follow him - now us today.

We look into those eyes, looking up into ours, with dish and towel in hand - our creator kneeling for us, bathing our unworthiness in mercy and love. 

We take our place at his table. Where should we sit? Which place is ours, close or off to the end. He calls us up and places in our hands his life-giving bread, that we take in as it takes us into an embrace upon his breast.

It is night and we experience the damp, cold, darkness of unbelief surround us as we try to pray, even as we seem not to be able to see him - hearing only his voice, "Father, let this cup pass ... your will be done." 

And now his hour has come; and our hour too - will we flee when we hear the the calmer of dark voices in the night?

"Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me." (Mtt 16:24) "Can you drink the cup I am going to drink?" (Mtt 20:24) It's Friday, Good Friday. What is your answer?

 Companion Voices

We are not alone on this path, we walk with many fellow believers. The wisdom in their voices are like torches lighting our way through this "Night". Hearing is seeing - lest we stumble and fall.

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