Review of Key Posts on Prayer

Important Links To Posts and Pages Re: Approaches to Praying

This page contains links to other posts and pages in this blog where I discussed particular methods for structuring prayer. A brief description is included with the link.

Praying Together With Others.

In this post, I discussed the importance and value one finds when they gather to pray with others. It contains suggestions and a model for forming an ongoing small group. Pages describing the model can be downloaded.


This post concluded a series of posts dealing with eight steps to praying on a passage of scripture. It contains the links to each of these posts.

Let Us Pray The Scriptures Together

This page looks at the 5 dynamics of the spiritual life - the different senses or ways to interpret scripture - an introduction to the Ignatian way of praying with scripture. 

The Conversion of St. Pau

This post looks at St. Paul's personal Pentecost experience and then forward to our time, and a call for a new Pentecost in the Church, as the Second Vatican Council was convened. It looks at two important papal documents which followed; Evangelization, and Catechesis In Our Time.

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Will There Be Found Any Faith..."In This Age?"

In this post we consider the question, Why ask if God already knows our needs? If I ask and nothing comes of it, am I being rejected?


The Practice of Prayer

This is a series of six posts examining a paradigm describing six key elements found in the PRACTICE OF PRAYER, namely

Encounter = True Goodness = Attraction = Motivation = Bonding = LOVE


Prayer and Insight

In this post examines the nature of prayer in the light of two particular considerations:
     1. Prayer as Conversation
     2 . Prayer as Insight
In prayer, we are seeking an Encounter with God, to sit down, as with another in conversation, and let them tell us about who they are.

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Stages of Prayer

This is the first of a three-part set on the stages of prayer as they are presented in some of the clasic writings on prayer by St. Teresa of Avila.


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