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This Page contains videos and commentaries from various sources that have a Catholic apologetic response to the anti-religious notions that are receiving a great deal of popular attention these days.

Stephen Fry
 Video by Fr. Robert Barron commenting on the views of atheist Stephen Fry - LINK
Also, from Web Site Strange Notions LINK

Video - Atheism and Philosophy by Fr. Robert Barron - LINK

I’m a Muslim But Here’s Why I Admire the Catholic Church
By Tamer Nashef -  is an Arab freelance researcher and translator from Israel - LINK

Planned Parenthood and the Loss of Human Dignity by Fr. Robert Barron - Jul 29, 2015
The recently released videos featuring Planned Parenthood employees bartering body parts of aborted infants are startling and appalling.

Bishop Robert Barron on the Need for a New Apologetics
In this video, Bishop Barron the decline in church attendance among the younger generation and the need for a  new apologetics - LINK



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